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About Us

Since 1978 Oceanariums has earned a reputation for building top quality, aesthetically pleasing systems that are reliable and easy to maintain.

An Oceanariums Aquarium combines the exotic beauty and mystery of live marine or freshwater into a custom-designed piece of furniture with purpose-built water filtration systems and state-of-the-art lighting in shapes and finishes matching your décor. The result is a magnificent addition to your home or business, bringing the soothing effects of aquaria into your life.

Oceanariums has been supplying Seafood and Lobster Display Tanks and Holding Systems for many years to the finest restaurants and grocery stores throughout the world. Various standard sizes are available for the capacities that you need at your location. Oceanariums can custom-design to fit your needs and compliment your décor.

Bubble Walls and Bubble Tubes have become integral to our offerings of visually-stimulating water features. As custom-designed features, Bubble Walls and Bubble Tubes can enhance your professional or domestic atmosphere with the calming effects of water movement enhanced by optional ever-changing subtle wash of color or provide stimulation via an option of changing colors in a mode set to music or patterns of your choice. On-demand lighting changes are available via a remote controller or a computer-programmable DMX lighting system for sound synchronization with light. Give us your ideas and we can design the system to perform to your vision.

Water Features are offered by many but only Oceanariums can custom-design for your particular requirements and fulfill your dreams for that continually soothing effect of moving water.


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You have found the cutting-edge premier site for custom-design Aquariums, Commercial Seafood and Lobster Display Tanks and Holding Systems, Bubble Walls and Tubes, Water Features and assorted accessories. All our products are designed , engineered and manufactured in the United States, but we ship and service worldwide .

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