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Custom Aquariums

fish tankOceanariums custom-designs each aquarium to fit their customer’s individual vision. The building of each live marine or freshwater environment is accomplished by incorporating fine craftsmanship and acquired practical knowledge of 30 years’ experience with the technological advances of 3-D modeling software and state-of-the-art lighting.

The surrounding area will play a part in the design of your aquarium, in that we can match or compliment your décor. Our design team will work with you, providing for your review and input the aquarium in 3-D models and drawings, able to be placed into your architectural renderings and plans for perfect placement in your overall design.

As part of the design we will confirm with you all requirements for mechanical support of the aquarium, supply of adequate power for pumps, filtration and lighting and access requirements for cleaning and ease of maintenance.

Our attention to detail ensures that all of these steps are discussed and approved before we start construction of your aquarium. Oceanariums’ team of experienced field technicians can provide full delivery and installation worldwide, ensuring successful start-up of your custom aquatic environment.

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We begin with your visualization of the underwater living environment for your home, office, facility, etc.

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